Ancillary Benefits

Consider these add ons to your current health insurance policies!

Hospital Indemnity Policy

Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance

Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Dental Insurance - Ameritas or Delta Dental (KS) or Cigna*

Vision Insurance - Ameritas

*(Bundled with Vision and Hearing options)

UnitedHealthcare Options

(including Short Term, Dental, Vision, Accident, Critical Illness and more)


Reasons why ancillary benefits might be a good idea to purchase?

It can help families stay out of medical debt, offer more extensive coverage and provide peace of mind!

Remember: Ancillary insurance products are never meant to replace your current health insurance. 

They are additional products that supplement your existing coverage. 

Need more information?

View the digital gallery of products I offer HERE!

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