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Life happens and sometimes circumstances change: 

Whatever the situation... Roz can help!

Reasons to REVIEW your Healthcare Coverage:

Maybe your employer coverage is no longer being offered

Maybe you or your spouse are retiring 

Maybe the coverage you have is too expensive

Maybe you just came off your parents' insurance

Maybe your health changed

Maybe your prescription drugs changed or cost more

Maybe your plan benefits changed

Maybe you moved to a new service area (zip code/ county change)

Maybe you have a change in income or Medicaid status

Maybe you have curiosity to see if there are more benefits being offered with another insurance carrier

Let me help you Make the most of your Healthcare plan!

Roz can be reached by cell phone, email or social media:

913-276-0445, HealthcareWithRoz@gmail.com or Visit the Facebook Page


Roz is licensed in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Texas.